In 2003 we started designing custom sportswear this passion grew into a business which spanned over 10 years of high-level consultancy for sportswear and team where brands both in the UK and internationally. This included working in some UK and Asian factories for both smaller and multi-million-pound global brands.

The team have worked with brands in China, Australia, France, Sweden and the US. Few other businesses can boast the sophisticated understanding of God and creation and sublimation that we here at custom sportswear can provide.

Environmentally aware.

Our sportswear is created using efficient, waste-saving technologies. Our factories are environmentally aware and aim to impact the natural environment as little as possible our equipment and footprint is offset with humanitarian contributions.

Our factories are located in the UK and southern China, in both cases we invest in staff, training and supporting the local community. This forms part of our mission statement and ethical practices.

Our approach
We work with many great people and great clubs are relationships remain an important part of our approach, which is one of partnership and support, we support our close by providing high-quality garments quickly and as needed. We develop your brand and contribute to the success and promotion of your club our garments represent your club our ethos supports your vision. Our people provide a foundation of support and ongoing trade arrangement.

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About Our Company

Custom sportswear is a specialist bespoke sportswear distribution business based in the UK. Founded in 2003, has established itself as one of the leading custom multi-sport team wear specialists in the UK and Ireland.


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