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On this page, you will find a full range of custom designs, perfect for your team or club. Learn about how we can help you to create a striking look for your tracksuits - Fast delivery, professional service, customer support

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If you are looking for custom club tracksuits that will wow your members and visiting teams then why not enquire to receive your completely FREE presentation or call our team to discuss your specific requirements: CALL NOW 0333 12345 34

Our tracksuits are available in just 4 weeks from order confirmation, they can be fully customised with names, sponsors, and affiliations. Choose your cuff finishes, lining, collar style, hem finish and fit.

The made to order process

More information on our sublimation tracksuits

What fabrics do you offer?


Available in three main fabric types. the first is Peached finish microfibre, this is 100% polyester and perfect for the sublimation process. Microfibre is light but can be used for indoor and outdoor use, which is why it is such a popular fabric choice for schools and clubs.

The second is our modern woven polyester which is the first choice for fashion conscious, modern thinking clubs. This is also one percent colourfast and provides a solid life-cycle.

Taslan is the third fabric which is thicker and harder wearing, which makes it a great choice for outdoor use, ideal for hockey clubs, rugby clubs, some athletics clubs and used as jackets by many cricket clubs.

What linings can I have?


Our custom tracksuits come with mesh lining as standard, this provides a comfortable and practical tracksuit. mesh lining helps tracksuits to stay breathable and comfortable in warmer and cooler conditions, mesh is the most popular tracks inclining in our range. 

 Fleece lining (microfleece) this can be used to insulate a tracksuit jacket, making it more like a  traditional rain jacket. Microfleece partners very well with Taslan tracksuit jackets, this combination is particularly popular with our archery customers.

Nylon lining or cotton lining, these can provide a silkier finish and is perhaps more traditional.   we do not actively recommend nylon or cotton, however, this is still requested by some customers. ( So it is available should a client request it).

What zips do you offer in your tracksuits?


There are many zips available in our tracksuit range the most popular are our chunky zip, this is strong and hard wearing which makes it great for schools, rugby, hockey and swimming clubs.

The next most popular option is our fine  zip this is much more discreet and perhaps more fashionable, however there are around seven thicknesses of zips available for our customers to use in their tracksuits.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Minumum Orders

Our minimum order quantity is 10 pieces, however, this may be made up of male tracksuits and female tracksuits in the same order. Where possible we would ask for a minimum of five per style (male, female, children's) - This, however, is not essential, just helpful.

Can I buy track tops only?

Track Jacket

Yes, we can manufacture your tracksuit tops only, you may choose to partner this with a plane stock trackpant - we can supply stock plain track pants.

 At custom sportswear, we will incentivise full tracksuit purchase by discounting the track pants when bought with a track top. The benefit to this means that you have better control of your products for the future, because sometimes a stock manufacturer may change or discontinue their range.

It is important however to state that we choose core ranges to partner with our products and it is rare for us not to have prior notification of discontinuation of a particular stock range.

Can I buy track pants only?


Yes, we are happy to supply you just track pants for your club or school, however, we do encourage the purchase of all tracksuits, therefore, we will incentivise purchase by discounting our track pants.

 One of the reasons as mentioned above, is that to aid in consistency and improved corporate identity is best to buy jackets and pants in combination.

Can I order different sizes across my order?

Mixed Sizes 

Yes, you may order multiple sizes and to help further we also provide length options short, regular, long and extra long. we normally add or reduce by increments of 2 inches or 4 cm. So a short word, in fact, be  4 cm shorter than a regular. An extra large would be 8 cm longer than a regular.

 With this increase in body length or trouser length comes the adjustments to arms, so you can be assured

I don't see a design I like can you create me a tracksuit?

Design me a tracksuit

Yes, we can help you with any design of tracksuit you can imagine (within reason of course!) So if you don't see one of the great designs on this page, that suit you then get in touch using the form on this page and our team would be happy to help. Thank you for your interest. 

How long until I get my new Tracksuit, Track Jacket or Track Pants?

When do I get my Custom Tracksuits

Most custom sportswear manufacturers will quote 6-8 weeks... We can deliver in around 4 weeks from approval. 

So get your FREE presentation 

  • 4 Week Delivery

    Subject to time of year and current demands, this will be confirmed with you in advance. 

  • FREE Design Service

    We will design your own tracksuits, using unique colours and detailing. 

  • Made To Order

    Our products are made to order, meaning that the garments are specifically manufactured for your team/club

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